Unleash Your Child's Inner Picasso: Paint a Mini Masterpiece with Gouache!

Calling all parents of imaginative and creative little ones! Are you searching for an exciting and enriching activity that will help your child unlock their artistic potential and develop fine motor skills? Look no further!
We are thrilled to invite your children, aged 5+/ 7 years, to our vibrant and captivating ONLINE Painting Masterclass with Gouache!



Painting with gouache provides a magical platform for your kids to express themselves freely and let their imagination run wild. Through vibrant colors and versatile medium, they will learn to bring their unique ideas to life.

Develop Fine Motor skills

Holding a paintbrush, mixing colors, and creating brushstrokes not only enhance your child's artistic abilities but also contribute to the development of their fine motor skills. They will gain control and precision, improving hand-eye coordination along the way.

Boost Self-Confidence

As your child explores the world of painting with gouache, they will experience the joy of self-expression and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. Their confidence will soar as they proudly showcase their artwork, fostering a positive sense of accomplishment.

Enhance Focus and Patience

Engaging in the artistic process requires concentration and patience. Our workshop provides a supportive environment where children can immerse themselves in the creative flow, learning to focus and exercise patience while producing stunning pieces of art.

stimulate imagination and storytelLing

Gouache painting encourages storytelling through visuals. Your child will embark on imaginative journeys, inventing narratives for their artwork and developing essential storytelling skills that will benefit them in various aspects of life.



Your child will have the opportunity to express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas through captivating world of gouache painting. They will learn to communicate visually and develop their own unique style.


Painting with gouache encourages out -of-the -box thinking and creative problem-solving. Your child will explore different techniques, experiment with colors, and find imaginative solutions to artistic challenges.


Delving into the world of gouache painting provides an excellent foundation for understanding color theory. Your child will learn about primary and secondary colors,  color mixing, and how to create beautiful palettes that evoke different moods and emotions.


By exploring various painting techniques and styles, your child will develop an appreciation for different forms of art. 

and more 

Give Your Child the Gift of creativity, self-expression, and lifelong love for art! Our Painting Masterclass with Gouache is a perfect opportunity for them to embark on an inspiring artistic journey!

I am a firm believer that creativity

 is a learned skill!

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when joining our monthly creative Masterpiece Makers Art Club for children ages 5-7 years old (great for preschoolers, kindergarten kids  and early years school)for $27/a month.  Join a a Founding Member.

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One time payment. Instant access. Masterclass available for 60 days .


The Masterclass is for children ages 5-7 years old.  Suitable for beginners as well. Parents can join.

You will need gouache paint, A3 format paper - craft or 200 g, synthetic brushes, water.

Masterclass is available for 60 days after purchase. You also can join our Masterpiece Makers Online Art Studio membership for kids ages 5-7 years old for $27/ per month , where you get access to all masterclasses - each month 7 masterclasses will be uploaded,. Includes painting and plasticine art and modelling.

Main goal in the membership is to develop fine motor skills.These skills are very important for a child when starting the school and later in life. Also your child will learn how to paint, develop creative skills, learn how to create a masterpiece following step by step guidance.

If your child can draw or paint the line, your child can create a masterpiece, even at 4 years old. Following right guidance everything is possible.

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About Me

Tamara M

Creative Art Mentor and Founder of Colorful Adventures Kids Art Studio, which includes - Creative Alphabet Mastery Club , Plasticine Magic Club & Masterpiece Mastery Art Studio for kids 5+-9 years old Masterpiece Makers Club and Masterpiece Masters -coming), digital creator & entrepreneur.

The main goal in My Colorful Adventures KAS is to develop fine motor skills so children can succeed later in life. My main tools in helping them do it are Gouache painting and Plasticine.

I love creative approach to teaching and MY MOTO here is LEARNING THROUGH CREATING.  Choose any Membership for your child and become part of our growing community.